Term 2 Animal Adaptations Report and Reflection

KEY: Blue-recalls Red-insights Green-questions Purple-summary This BTN was about a computer virus called WannaCry. Recently, people have been getting a virus on their computer called WannaCry. No one really knows […]

“And this was specially found from a newspaper man. We cut his hands off,” the tour guide said. The newspaper man had been eating a hamburger but his hands had […]

GDP turned into a graph

Graph This graph is about GDP per capita in 2010 in US dollars. this is the data we used. This is the right type of graph for this information because […]

Key: BLUE– recalls RED– insights GREEN– questions PURPLE– summary This BTN was about house costs. What would your dream house look like? Is it big? Is it small? Where would […]

“Xantheeeeee. It’s doing it again! The crocodile is smiling at meeeeeee!” Poppy wailed. Xanthe advanced to her little sister, and put a calming hand on her shoulder. “I’m sure it’s […]

KEY: blue-recalls red-insights green-questions Purple-summary This BTN was about how scientists want to ban balloons outside. Studies show that helium balloons get a max of 10km into the air before […]