“I heard that at the bottom of this lake there was a magic portal,” Jace said. I didn’t know how I could trust him, with that grin as sly as […]

Prompt: “Alex! Come see what Buddy has done!” Alex ran across the field to where her friend, Jordan, was standing. “Wow! I didn’t know he was capable of this!” Alex […]

Key: Blue-recalls Red-insights Green-questions Purple-Summary This BTN  was about Australian Federation. In 1642, a Dutch explorer found Tasmania. If he had stayed here, we might all be speaking Dutch. Australia […]

This BTN was about the solar system, but to scale. All the pictures we see are actually not the to scale version. To make on “to scale” you need at […]

Here are my goals: I want to work on division and vertical division. I could work on this by paying more attention on the way I do it and the […]

At home I have two cats; Ben and Ally. Ben is 17 years old, turning 18 in November! He is a Chinchilla x cat, and is a grey/black/white tabby. He […]

Goal: I can reflect on how I use the Problem Solving Strategies and the mathematicians’ toolbox when solving worded problems. Reflection: We used make a model, we also used test […]