Here is the link to this week’s 100WC prompt: 100 word challenge-nightzookeeper Dear The Wi-Fi Lord, You know those times when you are having the greatest phone call in the whole […]

100wc week#10

Here is the link to this weeks 100wc prompt: 100 word challenge-nightzookeeper   Here is the prompt for this weeks 100wc: The three men, chatting like there’s no tomorrow, suddenly froze […]

Here is a link to the 100wc prompt:100 word challenge-nightzookeeper   “Somebody! Help!” The screams of the scared citizens gave Erin the power that she needed. Nasha, the evil sorcerer […]

My friend Ella-lu and I did this little clip for company called NAKED.We want to put it on youtube. But here we go. Ella walks onto the screen like a […]