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Here is a link to the BTN website: BTN voting changes Senates are able to be elected with only a few people voting for them. There can be more that 100 […]

Here is a link to the 100wc prompt:100 word challenge-nightzookeeper   “Somebody! Help!” The screams of the scared citizens gave Erin the power that she needed. Nasha, the evil sorcerer […]

Buddies reflection!!!

Last Thursday we had the Buddies program. Each Thursday the grade 5/6’s go down to the prep rooms, and we are assigned a prep to work with. My Buddies’ name […]

                                                    Hi all! Here are a few reasons why I would like to be in SRC this year! Hope you enjoy! How I could help others […]

2016! Already? That happened so quickly! 🙂 This year I’m in Ant’s (Antony’s) class and I’m in grade 5, in 5/6c. As being one of the older kids, the preps […]

How could something so tiny be real? How can it be smaller than an ant? Ants are pretty small already, smaller than a fingernail! Is it an illusion? It can’t be true. […]

The strategies in the mathematician’s toolbox are: 1) Act it out 2) Work backwards 3) Write a sum or a number sentence 4) Make a model 5) Test all possibilities […]