ALL ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!!

This is a speech explaining a reason why Australia should federate (set back in time). We got information of primary source sites. Ladies and gentlemen, I think that we should […]

This camp, My favourite camp, The best of them all Sandboarding, Surfing, We all took a fall. So many activities, So much to complete, That to lay in bed was […]

Hi Ant, This year is my third year being in your class (year 1, 5 and 6) and I’m really exited! I know I will get so much learning done […]

Today’s Cyber day was about privacy. It talked about private accounts, and if you weren’t private anyone can find out personal details. If you are public, there is more of […]

Grade 5/6 has taught me so much this year. There are so many new things introduced. For example, the better buddies program, where we all got to meet our adorable […]

I never should’ve eaten that yellow banana. Dad always said that yellow and I don’t go hand in hand. Now I am addicted to playing the violin. And I’m the […]