I was alone. I knew I was alone, but still I felt as though someone else was there. It wasn’t the animals, I know. The rustling sounded more… human in […]

Maybe the day is tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow is when the sun somehow shines, When everyone has a reason to be happy, To celebrate. Maybe it’s time for white fluffy clouds, […]

“Jessii, I just can’t do this anymore!” “Please. Please!” I screamed through tears. My heart skipped about 20 beats. “No. I’m not helping you any longer. I’m sorry.” His icy […]

In this 100wc I wrote about a specific event that happened during my holidays.   “We just saw this man in black on the stairs, so we’ve headed over to […]

Link to prompt: 100wc Matilda took a deep breath and walked through the door. The floorboards creaked beneath her feet as her weight shifted between her feet. She shuffled through the […]

Link to prompt: 100 word challenge Shelly was a pretty normal seal. He swam, ate, slept, everything a seal does. But, he had this quite unfortunate trait about him. He never […]