100wc week#12 sandwich battery energetic white hurried

I quietly sat, nibbling at my sandwich.

I watched the kids in the park play around me,
all the energetic ones and the bored ones.
All the parents who hurried around after their toddlers.

A kid.
“Follow me!” She said.

“Look at this!” she climbed onto a plastic, electronic, white horse.
The speakers neighed, and the horse rocked.
Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Laughing hard, it was my turn.
I climb on, finally feeling happiness in my life.
The battery died.

And then it all went away.

I quietly sat, nibbling at my sandwich.

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  1. Hey Phoebe,

    This is an interesting piece of writing, which is presented in a unique way – well done!

    I like your storyline and the twists to the tale!

    You do mix your verb tenses – present and past – which could be sorted out when you edit again!

    Steven Hales – Stiffkey, Norfolk, England, UK – #Team100wc


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