100wc week#10 …but where would we hide it all?

I mean, saying the past few weeks were insane is an understatement.

Like, not saying it could’ve been the worst time of my life, it was the worst time of my life.

The evidence.

This plan could fail if the evidence was left lying out.

But where would we hide it all?

Everywhere it goes, the trail leads straight to us.

I guess I might as well say hello to the isolation cells

Behind metal bars.

The evidence. The bodies.

It’s all your fault.

Thanks for everything.

Love your favourite partner in crime,



Link to prompt: 100wc


  1. Hello Phoebe,
    I really like your 100 WC! I thought that the mix of poem with a narrative made it really mysterious. We had an idea of what was going on with clues such as “Behind Metal Bars” and “The evidence, the bodies” gave us an idea that the Character had commited a crime but we were wondering what happened. I also loved the voice in this. The character seemed sarcastic at times and annoyed at everything. I thought it was really great! 😀


  2. Really good job phoebe.
    I love the crime aspect, I thought that was a clever touch.
    Excellent work as always.


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