100wc week#6

“I heard that at the bottom of this lake there was a magic portal,” Jace said. I didn’t know how I could trust him, with that grin as sly as a fox’s!

But I did. I turned to face the water, and it simply stared back at me. A magical portal, how cool does that sound? Breathing in, I dived into the green water.

Only then did I figure out that this portal was about as true as a flying pig. My head hit a large log, and I could hear Jace’s snicker behind me. Why did I trust him?

link to prompt- 100wc


  1. Hi there Phoebe,

    I loved reading your post this week, so much that I will read it with my class tomorrow! What lovely vocabulary choices you made and your simile and sentence starters show a well-crafted piece of writing. Sometimes 100 words just isn’t enough, I would love to read more of your work. My only other comment is that foxes is plural of fox, I think you wanted fox’s grin. Well done creating an imaginative and thoughtful 100 word challenge entry!
    Sarah, Team 100 WC


  2. Lovely to hear such effusive praise from the 100wc team!
    And I love the way you’ve chosen to include figurative language this week-great work!


  3. Hi Phoebe,
    I like the use of figurative language and the choice of vocab that you used.


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