Poem-My cat

His up to mischief, mischief, mischief.

His swirly ginger fur blazes like a fire

There’s a mischievous glint in his amber-green eyes

Which hint he’s up to no good.

His delicate body makes no sound while strolling

But when bolting he’s an elephant on wheels.

How do you have so much energy?

I feel like I’m playing with an out of control two year old!

Though his mew makes your heart melt

It’s so soft and delicate

He’s a bundle of joy.

He is Percy.


  1. What a gorgeous first poem to publish for our poetry unit- an ode to Percy!
    You’ve used a delightfully expressive variety of poetic techniques here. I particularly like the way the last 5 lines get smaller and smaller leading up to -He is Percy


  2. I loved this poem. Because I have met Percy and know what he is like and I really like the description. Very accurate!


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