BTN Let the Electricity Flow

Blue– Facts
Purple– Summary

This BTN was about how electricity (insulators and conductors) were founded. 

Stephen Gray was the founder of insulators and conductors. He built a wooden frame where two swings were hung with silk rope. He got a boy to lie across the two swings. Stephen Gray put a plate of gold leaves in front of the boy. When the electricity was generated, the boy put his hands on top of the plate and the gold leaves flew every where!

There are two different types of substances of electricity- insulators and conductors. Insulators hold an electric charge in them and wont let it move. And example could be silk, or strands of hair. Conductors let the electricity flow through them, like metal.  

Conductors and insulators are used in our electricity towers today. They are those big towers that look like the eiffel tower, and are connected to electric cords. Well, these are also known as pylons. The wires are the conductors and the glass bit, and they stop the electricity from leaking into the earth. 

A example you can connect to with a conductor is when you are cooking, if you stir the food on the stove with a metal utensil, heat will climb through the utensil and you can feel it on your hand. An insulator could be when you rub a balloon on your hair and it goes or static or frizzy. 

What lead Stephen Gray to coming to the conclusion that he should try that method to get electricity running? Would it hurt the boy if electricity was going through him?

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