100wc week#1 …so what lies ahead of…

Prompt: 100wc

The diaries’ pages were old and stiff. My mother gave me the diary when I was seven, and I then passed it on to my younger sister. If I remember correctly, it’s over 100 years old.

I flipped through the diary, taking in all of the moments. Tears slid down the side of my face. All these memories, all these thoughts. All these happy moments.

But they can never happen again.

Because my sister is dead. Because the cancer won the battle after two long, tiring years.

So what lies ahead of me will never be the same without her.


  1. Wow Phoebe – what an excellent piece of writing!

    You have included lots of adjectives which makes your writing interesting. I thought to begin with that you were writing about something happy so the fact that your sister had died came as a real shock to me.

    Good use of paragraphs and I also like the repetition of the sentence opener ‘because’.

    Keep writing; you’re obviously really good.

    Mrs Hitchins
    Yr 5 teacher, Hunstanton, Norfolk, England


  2. Hi Phoebe

    What a well controlled and well written piece this week. Your story unfolds like a butterfly, ending with the reader understanding the significance of the book.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas

    Miss T team 100
    Hampshire, England


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