100wc week#47 picture


“Alex! Come see what Buddy has done!”

Alex ran across the field to where her friend, Jordan, was standing.

“Wow! I didn’t know he was capable of this!” Alex remarked as she reached her destination.

There were two holes side by side, at least 10 centimetres deep. They were perfectly rounded… like two massive foot prints.

“Jordan… are you sure Buddy did this? They kind of look like footprints…” Alex asked.

“No, I saw Buddy dig them before. But you know what would be funny…” A smile entered Jordan’s face.

He teared one of his shoes off, and chucked it in between the holes.

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  1. Hey Phoebe, I enjoyed your 100 word challenge this week. I liked how you gave us a lot to infer about like how Buddy was a dog (that’s what I thought) without telling us exactly. Good Job!



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