100wc week#42- the photo

Link to prompt: 100 word challenge

My goal for this 100 word challenge was to try and make the story seem relatable because lots of people experience this (including me).


“Everyone, let’s get a photo!”

My aunt loves photos. Everywhere we go, we have to take a photo. Even now, at the zoo, in front of the stinky baboons.

We all hustled into a big clump. My aunt counted down- “one, two, three, cheese!”

“Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese,” we all chorus.

Nothing happens. We stand there like weirdos.

“Okay, and with the flash. Cheese!”

I grinned broadly, but then the flash made me blink and my eyes were closed in the photo.

My aunt finally took down her phone. She smiled at the picture. “You all look sooooo lovely!”

I rolled my eyes.

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