100wc week#41

Just wait, I told him. “Just do it and we’ll see what happens,”

Henry loves surfing. He’s been surfing since he was two. So far he has won a heap of surfing competitions. And today’s one. The hardest competition out there. Nationals.

As soon as Henry starts, he gets all these great waves to show off his skills. He was doing an awesome job, when all of a sudden he was knocked off his board. Henry was under for a very long time. Eager to see him resurface, I stared at his floating board and whispered to myself, “Just wait,”

Link to prompt: 100 word challenge

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  1. Phoebe,
    this is a simple but elegant piece that didn’t immediately jump out as one of your finest. Then I read the last couple of sentences. I love the cyclic and symmetrical feel you create with your clever use of ‘just wait’-was it deliberately to contrast with the prompt of ‘when all of a sudden’?
    Clever writing


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