BTN Australian Federation


This BTN  was about Australian Federation. In 1642, a Dutch explorer found Tasmania. If he had stayed here, we might all be speaking Dutch. Australia now days wasn’t claimed until 1770, when captain James Cook took a big chunk. The land didn’t become Australia until a long time later. At first Australia was just six colonies. It was like six countries. They all had their own defence and own trade. And they even had their own railway system. The train tracks between different colonies where different widths, so you couldn’t travel from one place to another. Why were they different widths?

They started to think about joining together to make one colony. It would be easier to defend themselves. Bigger colonies, like New South Wales, thought they would have to give resources to the smaller countries. The smaller colonies thought the bigger ones would take power. We had a very smooth way to do this. The bigger colonies decided that every place would have the same amount of senators. on the 9th of July 1900 they decided to let the colonies go. On the first of January 1901, the federation was complete. ACT and the Northern Territory were added later on.

At first, women couldn’t vote in Federal elections until 1902. Why did they say that women couldn’t vote? For Aboriginals it was until 1962. They weren’t counted in Australia’s population until 1971. 

It’s weird how they let Indigenous people vote before they were counted as the population. 

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