Camp Bridgewater Poem

This camp,
My favourite camp,
The best of them all

We all took a fall.

So many activities,
So much to complete,
That to lay in bed was some sort of treat

And when we woke up,
We all had a shower,
Then jumped on a bus for a little less than an hour

Mostly we walked, talked and had fun,
And when they said we’ve finished,
We all sighed and got out of the sun

And then there were the stairs,
The never ending stairs,
They went on and on,
It was a nightmare

We did some abseiling,
23 metres off the beach,
And we only did 12, but that was hard to reach

On the night of the talent show,
My group performed a parody,
That gave the audience a big blow

After that we went to bed,
Excitement running through our heads,
And we prepared for the days ahead.

Soon enough, the day had come,
To pack our bags,
And leave for our mum

Rest, sleep, talk all day,
Other events might show up,
The memories of camp will never go away.


  1. Phoebe,
    what a delight to be reading your gorgeous, inventive writing again. I love the way you have created an interesting 3 line rhyming structure. Continue to experiment with your poems, using repetition, alliteration and metaphors to add richness and depth.
    Great work


  2. That was the best piece of poetry I have ever heard. I write poems too and to know that I am not the only one is great. I thought my poetry was good but when I read yours that changed everything around.
    Well Done Phoebe


  3. Phoebe…that was awesome! I read it twice. One in my head and one out loud! It sounded great for both. I really hope you post more poetry. When I tried doing poems, it didn’t work out.
    Great job!



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