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This video was about the first fleet arrived in 1788. If you stole something because you needed it to survive in London sometime in the 1700’s, you could either go to jail, or be sentenced to death. There was a big poverty outbreak and everyone that didn’t have enough money were stealing things, but there were so many that the jails started over flowing. So, they decided to transport people instead to a place called New South Wales. There were 11 ships in total; 6 to carry convicts (the people that stole something); 2 navy ships and 3 ships with supplies. They left on the 13th of May 1787 and arrived at Botany Bay on the 19th of January 1788.

There were at least 700 convicts on each ship, and at least 17 of them were children. I find it weird how they put children on the boats, because they are young and are trying to help their family. I think that children were too young to be sentenced to transportation, sent across the seas away from their family. Lots of people got sick on the journey, and at least 20 people died. When they arrived at New South Wales, they found Aboriginal people already living there.

Why did they have to put so many people in jail, why couldn’t they be given a second chance? People that were poor need to survive. Why did they have to put children on the ships as well, when they could’ve been forced to steal for their family?

My Place:

This video was about when the English first arrived to Australia and the Aboriginals saw them. Somethings that I learned were that the Aboriginals called the English “ghost people” because they were really pale. The main little girl did not know what a cow is, which makes me wonder what types of wild animals actually lived around the woods at that time? They called the cow a monster. They had a fire during the day to keep the mosquitoes away. Where the English looking for something in the woods? The English thought they could just do what they want with the land, because they dumped their cow and casually strolled through the woods.

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