March 2017

KEY: Blue-recalls Red-insights Green-Questions Purple-summary This video was about Anh Do and how he was refugee in Australia, where he became a famous comedian. Anh Do left Vietnam when he […]

This is a speech explaining a reason why Australia should federate (set back in time). We got information of primary source sites. Ladies and gentlemen, I think that we should […]

Key: Blue-recalls Red-insights Green-questions Purple-Summary This BTN  was about Australian Federation. In 1642, a Dutch explorer found Tasmania. If he had stayed here, we might all be speaking Dutch. Australia […]

This camp, My favourite camp, The best of them all Sandboarding, Surfing, We all took a fall. So many activities, So much to complete, That to lay in bed was […]

First Fleet BTN click HERE      The Encounter video click HERE KEY: Blue-recalls Red-insights Green-questions Purple-summary BTN: This video was about the first fleet arrived in 1788. If you stole something […]