September 2016

Tsunamis project

What is a tsunami, really? A tsunami is a series of giant waves caused by an earthquake, landslide, underwater volcanic eruption or if so a meteorite. It is a natural […]

Good morning/afternoon Mr/Mrs chairman, ladies and gentlemen, and I am the third speaker on the negative team from today’s debate. I will be summing up my team’s points and rebutting […]

Good morning/afternoon Mr/madam chair main, boys and girls, and I am the second speaker on the affirmative team on why we should give money to other countries when they suffer […]

  Dear classmates, My name is Phoebe Simmons. I have been at this school since prep and have enjoyed every single moment of it. I haven’t really had any major […]

You know all about the five dollar note, right? The famous purple colour with the Queen on the front…but guess what? Now it is getting a new look! Here are […]

It was the grand final in the sport called Face-ball. It was the Rangers versus the Wizards. Katie Sanders, the best Rangers player, had the Face-ball. Their team was losing, […]