August 2016

Around Australia, there are thousands of cat and dog breeders who sell animals directly to new owners or to pet shops. Most breeders take good care of their animals until […]

It was Olympics day at my house. We invited all of our neighbours over to have our opening ceremony. Mum had set up a small pool-who knows why. Everyone came […]

In This BTN I have to write a BTN comparing these two earthquakes: The recent Haiti earthquake and the Chile earthquake. I will be comparing them to each other. One comparison is the […]

This is my Principal day entry thing for tomorrow’s principal day (5/8/16). I will be talking about Rebecca, Matt and Barbara. Rebecca (our vice principal) is an optimistic person. She […]

My mother stared at me with that strict, disbelieving look on her face. She stood with her arms firmly on we waist, and her face was stern. Her hair was […]