July 2016

Today I am going to be talking about why we shouldn’t change the system we have when a city gets hit by a natural disaster. I strongly believe that we […]

100wc week#2 Picture

for the link to prompt click here.   I stared at my surroundings. What I thought was a normal bamboo forest turned out to be something unexpected. Totally unexpected. Life. Life all […]

After watching this video, I believe that seed bank is NOT a waste of money. It is protecting all the things we love. Our life. And possibly even our future. Don’t […]

My paragraphs: Natural disasters have dangerous and extreme weather. They are sometimes unexpected (scientists can predict them) and are severe weather events. They negatively impact people’s lives, animals and especially […]

Click here for my lab report. 🙂 Thank you and enjoy reading my report! 🙂

 Click here to access my goals. This term we have studied Science. During this topic we learned about chemical and physical changes, reversible and irreversible changes, the three states of matter, […]