BTN Dangerous toys

For a long time, people have been using these tiny, colourful blocks called LEGO to make amazing creations. LEGO was first released in 1949 from Billund (Denmark) and became a very popular thing. LEGO blocks started out nice and simple, but then they became these things that come in all different shapes and sizes.
Almost 30 years later after LEGO was first released, the first LEGO weapons were introduced in this castle set:

BTN lego

Now days, LEGO is looking a lot less innocent then it used to. Researched studies has found that 30% of all LEGO sets contain weapons like swords and guns. And 40% of pages in LEGO catalogues are violent or threatening. but it’s not just LEGO that is getting more violent, it’s also happenings with toys, video games, TV shows and movies. People worry because studies show that kids that play a lot of violent games are more likely to will behave more aggressively.

But other people aren’t worried about it. They say that the pretend violence wouldn’t lead to the real thing. LEGO shows a range of activities, from things like construction to fantasy. Most of the stuff is a normal part of children’s development, but what do you think?

I understand that some people might worry because they don’t want their children to grow up to be very violent and aggressive to other people. 

Why do people put weapons in LEGO sets anyway? Do they want the kids to be bad?





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