June 2016

I never should’ve eaten that yellow banana. Dad always said that yellow and I don’t go hand in hand. Now I am addicted to playing the violin. And I’m the […]

13 years ago Finding Nemo was released. It caused more abductions to fish like the one in the movie. Even though the movie was about a clown fish trying to […]

Introduction Good morning/afternoon Ant and class. Today I will be talking to you about 3 properties of water that make it so useful to us. The properties I have in […]

BTN Dangerous toys

For a long time, people have been using these tiny, colourful blocks called LEGO to make amazing creations. LEGO was first released in 1949 from Billund (Denmark) and became a […]

100wc week#20

link to prompt: 100 word challenge-nightzookeeper Monty hadn’t relaxed in days. All the time it was been there, done that. When he finally seized the chance, he would pull out a […]