May 2016

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Some people have to be really careful about what they are buying from the shops and eating. They have to be careful because they have a nut allergy. This means […]

Twice a day cows are milked by dairy farmers in a special room in farms across Australia. Did you know there are around 6,000 dairy farms across Australia? That’s a […]

Here are my goals: I want to work on division and vertical division. I could work on this by paying more attention on the way I do it and the […]

Some schools in South Australia and Northern Territory do this thing for their state called recycling. Every bottle, can and carton makes 10 cents for them. They put some of […]

My personal learning goal: To have no death and to leave the reader in suspense. “Let me go,” said Sofi, “and I will be happy,” The voice chuckled. “I will […]

Did you know turtle’s genders are chosen by the temperature of the sand? Well, a boy turtle will be born if the sand temp is under 29 degrees Celsius, and […]