When I got my mini iPad for christmas!!!!!!!!!!

I looked in my stocking. It was empty, except very heavy. That’s when Joel yelled out-

“Hey! I got a mini iPad in my stocking!”

My heart skipped a beat. I looked at him franticaly, making sure he wasn’t lying. He wasn’t all right, he was holding it.

I looked back at my stocking. I stuck my hand right to the bottom, and there it was.

The box, even with the mini iPad logo on it. I couldn’t help myself but to smile.

“I might have to have a word with santa about that one,” my dad said.

Opps, I forgot I wasn’t allowed a mini iPad. Was I allowed to keep it, or did I have to give it up?

But luckily I got to keep it. To this day, I play on it all the time, and I have this really cool bling case for it.


THE END!!!!!!!!!

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